DECOL Art Therapy installations consists environmental variations from natural and artistic imageries and interaction of visitors with the elements inside this environments.



An interactive installation for the lounge area inside pediatrics unit at Memorial Hospital. The purpose of the project is to help visitors stay in peace during their stay in the hospital lounge; to help relief the pain, stress and anxiety of patients and their companions.



We digitally created a peaceful landscape picture inside real-time 3D environment. In the center of this piece is a tree what we call “Memorial Tree of Life”. The scenery has day-night cycle and 4 different camera angles changing automatically over time.


Installation detects visitors and creates 3D Avatars of visitors in the virtual forest environment. Butterflies surrounds the avatar during day time and fireflies surrounds during night time. Butterflies and fireflies follow the visitor position and movements. People can also exchange butterflies by getting closer to each other.


An algorithm is written from scratch to take advantage of using two kinect sensors together. By doing so we were able to enlarged the interaction area, achieved closer interaction distance and increased the number of people who can interact simultaneously. Also kinect sensors got smart enough to track to correct position of the people even when the virtual camera position and rotations are changed.


All in all it became a 5 x 3 m. installation which can interact with multiple people at the same time with a 4K real-time generated graphics and day-night cycle.