Lumin: Living Installation

Lumin : Living Installation

Ahmet Said Kaplan

Interactive Installation, 2m x 2m Screen, Projector, LIDAR sensor, Custom Software

Lumin is a living installation inspired by nature, sourced by the audience. It is real time simulation of glowing worms in the dark caves. It tracks hand positions of the visitors and transform them to light and force fields in the virtual world. This helps to create an invisible connection to allow the audience to be part of artwork. When someone interact with they can observe the physical life like behaviours of bioluminescence creatures.

Bioluminescence creatures are emitting their lights to attract, communicate and hunt other species of life, light is their main element to connect them with their surroundings. There is a special kind of these creatures are living inside of New Zealand’s caves, glowworms (Arachnocampa luminosa). This installation takes audience to this caves and let them manipulate the digital environment by touching their hands. It is not a loop or pre-recorded footage, it’s interaction is happening at the moment and it never repeats itself again.

Concept & Design : @ahmet.said.kaplan
Sound Design: @kaosmosmusic
Manager: @n.cihan.cankaya
Gallery: @mixerarts