ARKHE : A Digital Alchemy Experience

ARKHE : Digital Alchemy Experience

by DECOL and Nohlab

Throughout history, humanity has sought to understand the operating principles of nature’s basic elements and the relationship between them in order to dominate nature, and to orient them to use for their benefit.

Alchemy emerges as an engagement of transition between the inner transformation of the human being which the ancient belief systems hassle and the transformation of the material that science derived from experimentation.
In the footsteps of Newton’s efforts to combine alchemy with mechanics, the artwork tries to bring digital and alchemy together and to portray human control over nature through computer-machine interaction.

The person who experiences the work, controls the elements that are the essence of matter, as he masters the essence, he reveals it to experience the transformation, motion and harmony that may arise when interacting with other elements.


An installation by DECOL and Nohlab

Curator: Esra Özkan
Coding support: Genco Levi
Sound design : Gökalp Kanatsız
Graphic design support: @ozkardaslar
Installation support: Melis Keskin, Genco Levi
Video Documentation: Cansu Turan
Photo Documentation: Hakan Gündüz

Commissioned by Siemens Home Turkiye
Thanks to Contemporary Istanbul, Plugin Istanbul