Nebi Cihan Çankaya
Born in İzmir at 1983 .

Cihan graduated as an engineer from Ege University. He started his career as a factory and company manager in food production company.
Then he continued his career as a production and project manager as well as grant project designer in tourism, movie, R&D, sport, entertainment projects.
After his experience at James Bond movie in Turkey, he  decided to dedicate himself in audio visual productions and new production technologies .
At 2014 he founded Digital Experience Collective and got grant from government for A/V R&D with his partners . He managed the DECOL projects after 2014.

Cihan managed two long term projects with BIlgi University Visual Communication Design Department.
At 2015 he designed the grant project for DECOL Academy and  created a new brand on digital production education.
Since 2015 he is managing the DECOL cooperative resources, costumer services and productions .
Now, working on new projects and business models to extend cooperative business model around the world.