Mert Uzbaşlı


Born in 1982, İzmir. Turkey.

His interest thru visual arts started in his very early ages when he was drawing his own comics. He’s been introduced to computers when he was in primary school. During his high school period he was told to study in a branch which could offer him good amount of profit. Therefore he studied economics and administration. After graduating from university and struggling with wide range of bussiness/management jobs, he decided to go back to his roots. He left his career as a bussinessman and started over with his passion which was  design. Few years later; after he get experienced in graphics design, he found himself making decorations for fashion shootings and parties. As time passed he get more skilled in motion graphics, animations and combination of the virtual and the physical. He worked for many underground festivals in different countries when he was traveling for about 4 years. When he came back to Turkey he decided to join his good old friends Nebi Cihan Çankaya and Ahmet Kaplan in DECOL. They’ve been creating, building and performing together since then.