Hazal Döleneken

Hazal Döleneken was born in Turkey, 1991. Hazal studied High school’s Degree in classical trombone in ‘Dokuz Eylül Conservatory and Bachelor’s degree in Conservatory of Amsterdam and Royal Conservatory of The Hague. She is currently studying composition, production and performance at Bilgi University Music Department where she’s a Full Scholarship.

She’s made several installations that collaborated with Digital Experience Collective and has exhibited them at several museum and galleries including the PortIzmir Triennial (2013), Amber Technology and Art Festival (2014), Contemporary İstanbul 2015, and her own compositions are performed at .Lup, MultiAid Fest, Youth Composition Fest, (2016 İstanbul), 5th Electroacoustic and Contemporary Festival at ‘Conservatorio Di Musica’ (Italy 2015)

The movie that she composed the music ‘Flying to Deep’ which won the ‘Honorable Mention’ at the ‘International Photography Awards’ , United States and ‘ Is Black’s Mourning Blue’ won ‘Incentive Mention’ in Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

She give concerts with with several important musicians, bands and orchestra, such as Koninklijk Orchestra and ensembles where she played Messiaen, Wagner, with Tolga Tüzün, Şenol Küçükyıldırım ‘scape album’

She is currently working on her own music, improvising with trombone and vocal, composing acoustic, electroacoustic pieces and making installations for multidisciplinary projects. She is currently member of Digital Experience Collective of Art and Sonospheria: the acoustic ecology project where she makes a projects based on bio art.