Ebru Yetişkin
Ebru Yetişkin

Ebru Yetiskin (born in 1976, Turkey) studied Communications and Radio-TV-Cinema as a bachelor degree in Istanbul University. She attended the joint master program on Science, Technology and Society in Université Louis Pasteur, France and Istanbul Technical University, Turkey in 2001. She completed her PhD in sociology in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey in 2008 with her thesis, entitled “Nettachmental Thought: Problematization of Social Sciences through Quotidian Practices”. During her thesis work, she conducted a research as a visiting scholar in Centre Sociologie de L’Innovation in Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris and Palais de Tokyo, working with Bruno Latour and Antoine Hennion.

Since 2002, she has been enrolled as a researcher/lecturer at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in Istanbul Technical University. She is teaching “Sociology” and “Media and Society” in Istanbul Technical University as a full time lecturer; “Communication of Science and Technology”, “Sociology of Science and Technology”, “Information Technology and Social Life” and “Contemporary Art, Science and Technology” in Isik University as a part-time lecturer.

She gave seminars in Inholland University, University of Southampton, Wichester School of Arts, University of Chicago in Paris and New York University as a guest lecturer, and a performance lecture in Transmediale Digital Culture and Art Festival and Tanz im August Festival in Berlin.

She is one of the few sociologists, who has specialized in the interaction of science, technology and arts in AICA – International Association of Contemporary Art Critics – Turkey. Her critical articles about contemporary art and new media art are published in both national and international journals and catalogues.

She edited the first  volume on postcolonial thought in Turkey in 2010 and she is in the organizing board of amber art and technology conference and festival in Istanbul.

In 2013, she curated an exhibition, “Cacophony” in Açıkekran New Media Art Gallery in Istanbul.


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