Who are we?

DECOL is abbreviation of Digital Experience Collective.

It works as an Digital Arts Cooperative which digital artists are the stockholders or employees. It’s also a non-profit organization and doesn’t operate like an advertisement agency.

DECOL’s operation model is based on cooperation among digital artists. Its creative intellect is contagious and causes extraordinary digital experiences for carriers.

DECOL is the ‘new media organism’ which crossbreeds digital arts with its own gene pool.

We are calling the following as “Digital Art Genes”;

  • Graphics Design
  • Motion Picture
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modelling
  • Data Visualisation
  • Video Installation
  • Live Audio/Visual Performances
  • Interactive Installation Designs
  • Sound design

The Evolution of DECOL

DECOL organism inhabited some physical space in Istanbul and Izmir for individual media artists, in order to give them the chance to collaborate and produce their unique designs freely and independently.

Now it’s becoming an outbreak!

How DECOL contaminates by?

Creating and Producing digital concepts

Performing live audio/visuals

Producing digital interactive products

Designs, manages and allocates equipments for digital art exhibitions and music events,

Designing and allocating resources for cultural media projects.

Points of Contamination

Art Projects & Exhibitions

Streets, buildings, avenues

Festivals and events


Corporate Meetings


We cause mutations in;

Presenting digital experiences

Helping to produce interactive products

Adaptation to new digital experiences

Uniting business partners with artists

Ability to create direct connection with the audience


Decol for artists;

Design —>  Create —> Support

  • Supporting artists to let them exhibit their artworks
  • Creating resources through national and international partnerships for the use of artists
  • Supporting technological investments while adapting for new technologies as a laboratory.

Decol for companies;

Company Dreams —> We Create —> Company Experience

  • Developing event based marketing strategies through new media arts in the most creative way.

Decol for society;

Experience —> Announce —> Invest(Donate) —> Create Demand

  • Assures the exhibition of new media arts in public places.


Besides producing international arts and design projects, DECOL aims to effect 3 continent by evolving with its partners at all times, as well as being a school for the independent ‘digital art stage and design platform.


DECOL is a new media arts lab which puts its partners in the centre of it’s organisational structure, and evolves with needs of its stockholders. DECOL founders community believes in knowledge has to be shared freely.


Decolonisation Freedom from any authority plan.

Diversity Respecting the diversity and giving the best of composition. Establishing stockholders and employee equity program.

Self organisation Encouraging employees to take initiative and to give their best. Adopting an error-embracing environment for employees to encourage them to lead and make decisions.

Co-evolutionPursuing new creative ideas which have potential to change the perspective of art and business world.

Integrity Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth of DECOL’s mission.

DECOL Project Initiation

DECOL started it’s life as a new media arts management project under VCD department of İstanbul Bilgi University. Its structure is designed in a way to supply the needs of new media digital artists and entrepreneurs; by creating a secure environment, such as the new media lab. DECOL project funded by Istanbul Development Agency during 2014-2015 under the Creative Istanbul calls.

DECOL Memerandum of assosiation: Kuruluş Sözleşmesi Linki