Contagious Bodies: Seminar Series : Pasi Väliaho

Contagious Bodies: Seminar Series

Curation: Doc. Dr. Ebru Yetişkin, Istanbul Technical University

Organization: DECOL Coop./New Media Lab

@ Akbank Sanat, Istanbul / October 2015 – June 2016

“Contagious Bodies: Network Politics in The Age of Data-Oriented Worlds” is a seminar series that focuses on innovative approaches based on digital technologies and it’s spreading political & economical socialization problems. The Seminar Series will host pioneering media theoreticians, activists and artists, who work on digital culture. Between October 2015- June 2016, there will be one panel at well-known İstanbul based art space Akbank Sanat. With the support of Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Communications and Istanbul Development Agency In Collaboration with Istanbul Technical University, Winchester School of Art / University of Southampton* and Akbank Sanat

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Pasi Valiaho

Contagious Images / Neoliberal Brains *26 February 2016– Lunch Talk@ITU

What do images today have the capacity to do, and how? This talk investigates the potency of images in 21st-century capitalism. It is concerned with contemporary digital imagery that is distinguished by its plastic as well as ludic, or better, action-oriented nature: images which we interact with, play with, operate with; images that, instead of contemplation, require gestural manipulation and affective engagement based on anticipation and immersion. The aim is to understand how this imagery teaches resilience within current networks of power, transforming individuals into what one might call “neoliberal brains,” that is to say, competitive, biologically-bound, atomistic and flexible persons fearful of a constantly looming crisis. The talk explores the fabrication of this figure of the subject in various visual forms, from first-person shooters to virtual realities, and analyzes how contemporary screen culture embodies and remediates the tropes of plasticity, preemption and immunity fundamental to current scientific, economic and military paradigms.

Pasi Väliaho

Pasi Väliaho teaches and writes on theory and history of film and screen media. He has a PhD in Media Studies from the University of Turku, Finland, and is Senior Lecturer in Film and Screen Studies at Department of Media & Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London. He is the author of Biopolitical Screens: Image, Power and the Neoliberal Brain (MIT Press, 2014) and Mapping the Moving Image: Gesture, Thought and Cinema circa 1900 (Amsterdam University Press, 2010). His articles have been published in e.g. Theory, Culture & Society, Body & Society, Discourse, Parallax, and Theory & Event.