Contagious Bodies: Seminar Series : Jussi Parrika

“Contagious Bodies: Seminar Series

Curation: Doc. Dr. Ebru Yetişkin, Istanbul Technical University Organization: DECOL Coop./New Media Lab

@ Akbank Sanat, Istanbul / October 2015 – June 2016

“Contagious Bodies: Network Politics in The Age of Data-Oriented Worlds” is a seminar series that focuses on innovative approaches based on digital technologies and it’s spreading political & economical socialization problems. The Seminar Series will host pioneering media theoreticians, activists and artists, who work on digital culture. Between October 2015- June 2016, there will be one panel at well-known İstanbul based art space Akbank Sanat.

With the support of Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Communications and Istanbul Development Agency In Collaboration with Istanbul Technical University, Winchester School of Art / University of Southampton* and Akbank Sanat More info:

Jussi Parikka Secure from Contagion: On Computer Viruses and the Emergence of Network Security – 22 January 2016

This talk addresses the media archaeology of computer software and especially the specific forms of “malicious software” such as viruses. As a way to investigate contagion as part of network politics and security, the talk addresses an alternative way of looking at network culture: what if, instead of the usual narratives of communication, progress and connection, we would start to write a story of networking as notworking (to borrow the phrasing from Geert Lovink)? To write a media archaeology of the accidents and threats that define the issues of security that are increasingly central when it comes to contemporary, current networks. The comprehensive measures towards security ranging from NSA to new institutes of cyber security have their curious incubation period during the Cold War software development since the 1960s , with an emergence of new types of technological threats gradually since the 1980s. This talk tells a story of some curious cases that give an insight how we think of security in relation to computer culture and the immunisation of the body politic of the global digital – or what is imagined as the global network.

Jussi Parikka

Born in Finland, Jussi Parikka is Professor in Technological Culture & Aesthetics at University of Southampton’s Winchester School of Art in the UK.  He is the author and editor of numerous books, including the media ecology-trilogy: Digital Contagions (2007), the award winning Insect Media (2010) and most recently, A Geology of Media (2015). His media archaeological writings include What is Media Archaeology? (2012) and the edited volume Media Archaeology: Approaches,, Applications and Implications (2011, with Erkki Huhtamo). On topics related to contagion and network politics, it is also worthwhile to mention the edited volume The Spam Book: On Porn, Viruses and Other Anomalous Objects from the Dark Side of Digital Culture (2009, edited with Tony D. Sampson). Recently he published the edited volume Writing and Unwriting (Media) Art History: Erkki Kurenniemi in 2048 (2015, with Joasia Krysa).

Website See “Contagion and Repetition: On the Viral Logic of Network Culture” in Ephemera 7(2): 287-308… as PDF), The I love you-exhibition (Frankfurt, 2002) curated by Franziska Nori on viruses, security, code and programming in fine art context:… Holly Herndon’s video “Home”  –